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It occurred to me as I read Enjin's latest partnership announcement, just how easily it could be overlooked by naysayers. If you thought NFTs were just a flash in the pan fad during a tumultuous period for our planet, you wouldn't be short of "evidence". While NFTs started as digital art — albeit laced with popular collections that would make your Grandma furrow her brow with confusion, "you paid how much for that weird cat doodle?!" — it has quickly become ubiquitous with crypto. Suddenly, everyone from Audi to the US Space Force is involved in the NFT movement in some way, cashing in on a burgeoning trend, you might say. And this is where, in a moment of empathetic clarity, I saw through the eyes of what is most likely to be the masses. Every industry is jumping on the brightly-colored, eye-wateringly lucrative bandwagon. Every new entrant into the space might be met with a scoff and a tut; bloody marketing! I know I have thought this myself about all sorts of trends. TikTok was once a Vine-esque social media platform populated with dancing teens and that young woman who zooms in on her face while lip-syncing. Now every

As a schoolboy, silver robots slaying citizens on the silver screen were commonplace. Their glowing red eyes piercing your imagination as they take over the world and then kill their lowly creators. As a result, we've all been on the lookout for autonomous soldiers raining death upon us, and missed the mighty machines moving quietly into an integral role in our world. Before many of us had noticed, the production industry had been ravaged by computers and machinery, and the march of dominance showed no signs of stopping as "robots" set their sights on industries left and right. It has been such a surreptitious growth that most of us have no real sense of the impact. The Bad News When I think of jobs that were once humans with tools and are now industrial robots with (if you're lucky) a single operator, I think car assembly. No longer are there trained workers hand manufacturing cars, but rather wiry appendages prodding components into submission. These robots can create millions of products efficiently and at a low cost, are simple to program, and do not require a skilled technician.[1] As is the way of all technological advancement, these robots are only getting more proficient,

The world’s first free-to-earn NFT real estate.   Have you ever run countless chunks searching for that perfect oceanfront property? Or maybe the rolling dunes of the desert calls your name like a siren song? How about nestling yourself down and making yourself at home in an already pre-established village? After all, there is nothing quite like getting a pumpkin pie as a housewarming gift from your new neighbors or getting eyed up by one of their guardians. Now, what if I told you that there was a new type of real estate that you could plant roots in and call home? We welcome you to MetaCity! Where we are making it our mission to show the world how NFTs can integrate into the tried and true free-to-play gaming experience. I know for myself and many others when it comes to Minecraft, there is nothing more satisfying than building your farmstead, impenetrable castle, or flourishing townships and showing it off for the whole world to see! This is why we are using NFT real estate to pay homage to what Mojang has built by allowing our players to enjoy a free experience creating a realistic digital life that they can own forever.   How to