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As a schoolboy, silver robots slaying citizens on the silver screen were commonplace. Their glowing red eyes piercing your imagination as they take over the world and then kill their lowly creators. As a result, we've all been on the lookout for autonomous soldiers raining death upon us, and missed the mighty machines moving quietly into an integral role in our world. Before many of us had noticed, the production industry had been ravaged by computers and machinery, and the march of dominance showed no signs of stopping as "robots" set their sights on industries left and right. It has been such a surreptitious growth that most of us have no real sense of the impact. The Bad News When I think of jobs that were once humans with tools and are now industrial robots with (if you're lucky) a single operator, I think car assembly. No longer are there trained workers hand manufacturing cars, but rather wiry appendages prodding components into submission. These robots can create millions of products efficiently and at a low cost, are simple to program, and do not require a skilled technician.[1] As is the way of all technological advancement, these robots are only getting more proficient,

MyMetaverse has taken the environmental impact of NFTs to heart and committed to covering a staggering four times our carbon output on a year-by-year basis. So, using MyMetaverse is better than guilt-free, it's positive for the environment. The pivotal moments in technological advancement can appear to be unambiguously forces for good when peering through those rose-tinted glasses. Most of us can't imagine a life without the internet, let alone electricity. But, with every significant stride in the direction of the future, there are negative effects that ripple out. With the internet, those ripples were numerous and varying in impact, from governmentally enforced limitations and monitoring of internet use to identity thefts, and everything in between. When wholesale changes to the framework of modern life occur, some ramifications crop up that must be addressed. The rush to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been profound over the last few years and is showing no signs of slowing down. With the myriad solutions the technology offers, it is attracting disparate industries into its warm embrace. Sadly, the warming effect of crypto isn't limited to its embrace, and here lies by far the largest of the ripples. The environmental impact of crypto is monstrous and the

The evolution of gaming has been profound, particularly in the last 20 years. There was the transition from local arcade to home consoles, then the advent of the internet saw multiplayer move from split-screen with cheating siblings, to forging friendships with disparate gamers on different continents. That is all without mentioning the graphical strides made as games bounded from countable polygons to photo-realism like a frenetic Labrador. But the graphics from 2011 aren’t that different to 2021, the internet isn’t much quicker, and your sibling still cheats. We’re experiencing diminishing returns in the gains from these revolutions of gaming, but that doesn’t prohibit a new revolution entirely. With the graphics screenshot-worthy and games downloading in the time it takes a kettle to boil, we must ask ourselves what gaming needs. That is, what would bring about wholesale improvement to both the industry and the experience of gamers? Well, there are two problems. One that has always needed to be solved has been a lack of digital provenance; provable and trackable ownership of digital items. Blockchain technology offers the path to solve that, and with its utility, many professions — both digital and physical — stand to gain. Meta City (Coming Soon) The second