CryptoHulk’s Birthday Event!

Most of you already know CryptoHulk, CEO of and one of our lead game designers.

Well, it’s his birthday on the 7th of June and we want to celebrate by throwing a party in MyMeta Minecraft!

Get Gibbed in Quake!

To celebrate the game designer of the hour we are going to run 6 rounds of Quake on Sunday, June 07th, 2:00-3:00 PM PST!

  • The winner of the 1st round will get 250 Rio
  • The winner of the 2nd round will get 200 Rio
  • The winner of the 3rd round will get 150 Rio
  • The winner of the 4th round will get 100 Rio
  • The winner of the 5th round will get 50 Rio

The 5 winners will graduate to the final deathmatch on the new map CryptoHulk and Zxcoliver have built – Spaceship.

The winner of the final deathmatch will get a Stormwall!

All rewards will be distributed to the wallet linked to MyMeta Minecraft.

Jump into server address: and link your wallet ASAP!

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