Honey Bear


Introducing the Honey Bear artefact - the ultimate digital companion! This cute and cuddly pet is not only adorable, but also incredibly versatile. Already usable in 4 different games and apps, the Honey Bear is taking the gaming world by storm. Whether you're exploring MyMetaverse AR and Infinity Realms, or battling for survival in Impulse and Survival Infinity (Minecraft), this pet will be by your side every step of the way. With its unique cross-game utility, the Honey Bear is a shining example of the future of digital assets, and is sure to be a hit with gamers everywhere! So don't wait, adopt your very own Honey Bear today and experience the ultimate multiverse-gaming experience! Use this Redeem Code to claim your Honey Bear: "drop_1M3bC5"

Redeem drop

CrateTOKENS: 1

SUPPLY 49435 / 50000

Honey Bear