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Infinity Realms

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Buy a Governors NFT
Install Infinity Realms
Login via MyMetaverse
Choose a Character
Grow your community of AI-driven Metas and explore this virtual theme park
Grow your community of AI-driven Metas and explore this virtual theme park

The NFT-Powered 3D Play-to-Earn MMORPG with full-scale metaverse capabilities.

Own NFT real estate, showcase NFT art, listen to NFT music, watch NFT videos, and create many unique lives within this captivating digital theme park.

Infinity Realms is a multiverse MMO made up of potentially infinite different worlds.

Each world has its own stories, culture, and architecture for you to explore.

Your Metas are able to move across different worlds and any clothing they acquire from those worlds will move with them as they travel the multiverse.

Meta Characters

Infinity Realms's core play-to-earn economy will be driven by its Meta NFTs and breeding system. 

You will be able to own unlimited Metas, which are the characters who live in the Infinity Realms Multiverse.


You will be able to play as any Meta you choose and while you are not actively using a Meta, you can put it to work and make it passively level up and gather useful items for you.

Play to Earn

When new players come into the game they will need to acquire a Meta NFT to join, they will either have to purchase a Meta or rent two Metas to breed a new one.

In either case, as a Meta owner, you will be able to offer your Metas for sale or rent and get paid to provide new players with access to the game.


Metas can breed when they have gained enough DNA, which is accumulated naturally as they produce goods and provide services across the Meta Multiverse.

When you own two Metas with enough DNA, you can breed them freely, you can also rent Metas from other owners for breeding purposes.

Sometimes, through active gameplay, you will stumble across a glitch in the metaverse. Upon harvesting this glitch, it will be attached to your Meta and can manifest in unpredictable ways when passed down to its offspring.

The happier your Meta, the more likelihood it has to breed successfully.

If you neglect your Meta’s wellbeing too much they can even die permanently, at which point an obituary is generated and added to your Meta NFT.

Personalizing Your Meta

As you play the game, you will be able to gather materials and craft clothing for your Metas.


Whatever your Meta is wearing will get baked onto the NFT itself. As you discover rare clothing styles from each world and attach it to your Meta NFT, it will become even more unique and singular.

Real Estate NFTs

MyMeta will feature real estate NFTs that can be bought or built through gameplay.


You will be able to hang up NFT art on your walls, play NFT music in your halls, and watch NFT movies in your dorms within your NFT land plots.

 You will also need a land plot to provide warmth, rest, safety, and security to your Metas.

High-level real estate will yield higher-quality materials for laborers to harvest.

You can also create high-level workstations that enable tradesmiths to produce better goods.

When Metas spend time on high-level real estate they also gain DNA at faster rates, allowing them to breed more often.

You will be able to rent out rooms that provide access to your land and its resources.

  For more info on MyMeta Minecraft's play to earn mechanics, visit the official website.  

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