High-Fidelity Web3 PvP First-Person Shooter
High-Fidelity Web3 PvP First-Person Shooter
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Free to Play and Play to Earn

Join players from around the globe to play in an adrenaline filled, play-to-earn FPS.

Next Gen FPS Competitive Shooter

Discover the fast pace FPS exclusive to PC only.

Choose your character and build a one-of-a-kind player as you created your own DNA.

Character Development

Upon your ascension to The Sanctuary, your consciousness will be placed into a basic synthetic vessel. In your fight with the other ascended champions, you will earn and collect the means to shape your character into any form that you desire.

Synthetic DNA can be captured and assimilated from different lifeforms that have ascended from across the multiverse. This allows you to create a truly unique creature that could have a combination of Cartoon, Alien, Human, Monster or whatever creature you harvest synthetic DNA from.

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How to Earn Multiverse NFTs

You will be awarded 10 Doubloons for each kill.

So grab a friend, jump in the game, and start spraying and praying!

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