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Before reaching out to us, please read through the following frequently asked questions...

How do I play your games?

There are instructions and videos explaining how to join each game, on the games' information pages. See the list of available games here.  

Do you have a cryptocurrency that I can buy?

Not at the moment. We are building our products first and once we find our product-market fit then we will consider creating an on-chain ecosystem currency.

How do I withdraw assets from MyMetaverse to my Blockchain wallet?

You can transfer your assets to your Blockchain wallet in your NFT inventory on our website:

Why am I not seeing my NFT's in my wallet or In-game?

If you're unable to see your minted nft's ingame or on our wallet it may be due to several issues.
Please check & provide a ticket with the following information:
  - Has your asset(s) finished processing? If not, please give ample time for it to process.
    You can check the status of minted assets here.
  - Verify that the address that's linked to your account is the same as your Enjin wallet's address.
    Linked address is shown under the "Blockchain" tab in your inventory.
  - Make note of the NFT(s) & Transaction ID's here:
Once you've checked this information, please submit a ticket along with the info checked here.

Help! I lost my ingame items/currency! What do I do?

Please email us and provide your In-Game name, a list of the item(s) and/or amount of currency you lost, along with any video/screenshots as evidence and we'll gladly reimburse your lost items.

Why can't I login?

If you're having issues logging into the server, please check the following: 
  - Ensure your network connection is stable   
  - Check to see if our server is down for Maintenance   
  - Check to see if other members are having similar issues (via our discord)

If you're encountering issues that persist, feel free to submit a ticket, regarding the problem, along with the error message that shows when you try to connect.