How You Can Help Build the Perfect Metaverse

The metaverse coming, it’s just a matter of time.

The only question is, will it look like Ready Player One, where one person rules the entire platform? Or will it be fair and open, a place where anybody and everybody can build their dreams and share creative control over the ecosystem?

Games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Grand Theft Auto are already actively designing their very different versions of the metaverse, and onlookers are placing their bets on who they think will win.

The question I’d like to ask is, shouldn’t everybody win?

What is the Perfect Metaverse?

Let’s be honest, there shouldn’t ever be a future where everyone in the world only plays Fortnite and nothing else.

The same goes for any other game or platform.

People want to be able to move seamlessly through experiences, taking their identity and inventory with them wherever we go.

By enabling many players and game developers to plug into the metaverse, we ensure its fairness and longevity. It removes the potential of a central point of failure or corruption.

A Metaverse Within a Multiverse

Interoperability is something that has been championed by Enjin for years–they call it the multiverse.

For those that don’t know, the Enjin Platform is a set of development tools that enables anybody and everybody to create blockchain assets and integrate them into games and apps.

Enjin’s core functions are governed by a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning the platform is open for audit. The code is distributed across over 25,000 nodes, making it therefore impossible to corrupt and tamper with.

Thanks to their smart contracts, API, wallet, and marketplace, Enjin’s ecosystem is by far the most accessible, powerful, and complete platform to build a decentralized metaverse on top of. A metaverse that’s not beholden the powers that be.

Your metaverse, MyMetaverse.

The Metaverse Needs to Provide Real-life Value

If nothing that happens matters, what’s the point?

Humans are beings of meaning and consequence, we don’t like doing things for no reason.

We hate wasting our precious time.

That’s why recent studies have shown that the longer people spend using apps and playing video games, the less happy they are.

The most rewarding experiences we can find are those that positively impact the lives of ourselves and others.

Real opportunities need to be available within the metaverse, or we won’t get value out of the time we spend there.

Value for time is just as important as value for money, and gamers deserve it just as much as anyone else.

If Everything is Infinite, Nothing is Valuable

The core purpose of the Enjin Platform is to enable the creation of real-life value in digital worlds.

It does that by enabling developers to create digital assets with a fixed supply.

These digital assets are then placed on the Ethereum blockchain for transparency and permanence. The fixed supply is provable, and the assets will exist forever, even if the game won’t.

This is the key to enabling demand-based economies across the metaverse.

Economies are scoreboards that show who competes and collaborates the best.

The Birth of MyMetaverse

When we first started building our Minecraft server, Hunters of Rio, we did so with the goal of growing it to become one of the biggest and best servers in the world.

As we started to consider how blockchain would fit within that plan, we quickly realized that there’s one element of blockchain technology that has had more impact than any other: provable scarcity.

The ability to create digital assets that have an irrefutable fixed supply has enabled assets like Bitcoin to solidify their value based on the organic forces of supply and demand. In short, Bitcoin is valuable because there will only be 21 million of them ever minted.

However, as a team, we also realized that there was one element of blockchain that is still a huge sticking point for most people: using it.

Most people don’t understand crypto exchanges and wallets, and they definitely don’t like waiting two minutes for their in-game items to reach them.

Our goal became to create an intuitive and instant in-game experience that features a fixed-supply economy of assets, while still being free to play.

To make this possible, we decided to develop a “Live Wallet”, a way to give our users infinite blockchain assets with no learning curve, no gas fees, and no transfer-wait times.

As we built this live wallet, we started to design features enabling instant peer-to-peer sending and trading, as well as in-game stores that sell blockchain assets that aren’t even gaming items!

There are countless interesting use cases for blockchain assets, from gaming items to real state and company shares. By allowing our users to sell all-forms of blockchain assets through our game, we are essentially enabling them to sell anything.

Once we started really considering the implications of enabling the trade of real-world value within virtual worlds, we realized that we didn’t want to restrict other games and apps from accessing these groundbreaking features–we wanted players to be able to trade anything, anywhere.

We could clearly see the potential to integrate our live wallet features into other games and apps like Roblox, Core, Telegram, Discord, and Twitch.

We could also offer these solutions to any game or app developer that wanted to partner with us.

That’s when we decided to change our name from Hunters of Rio to MyMetaverse.

We were no longer a Minecraft server. In our hearts and minds, we had officially become a blockchain games network.

Help Us Create the Perfect Metaverse

Just like most people you know, my teammates and I have to pay bills and eat food.

We would love to spend 100% of our time building a better digital future, instead of squeezing in what work we can in between paying jobs and sleep.

That’s why we are asking for your support, and this is how we’re gonna make it worth your while:

Join the MyMetaverse Collectors’ Suite

Would you like to receive the most unique, epic, and exclusive assets every month?

Would you like your voice to be heard through our private Patreon, Discord, and Minecraft communities?

Would you like to help us fund the development of the Metaverse?

Then please consider subscribing to our Collector’s Suite Patreon Tier, we have it packed full of value to make sure that you get much more than you ever bargained for.

By subscribing with us, you will receive our “exclusive asset of the month” and “dragon of the month” every month.

There are also a ton of additional benefits that are only available to our Patrons, including:

  • Entry into the Secret Society.
  • Exclusive Asset of the Month: A monthly limited-edition gaming item that will never be reproduced.
  • Dragon of the Month: A rare dragon NFT that is a ridable mount in Minecraft and a helpful pet in Forgotten Artifacts.
  • Access to our VIP Discord channel (text and voice)
  • 2 monthly AMAs in our VIP Discord voice channel.
  • Vote on which “Monthly Multiverse” item we will integrate
  • Access to our VIP Minecraft server where you can try out our test builds and use our fancy custom assets
  • Early access to our pre-production Core games
  • Access to work-in-progress screenshots
  • Exclusive Patreon posts

For anyone who can’t afford to subscribe, please don’t feel bad. We appreciate your moral support. We love talking to you and we will keep trying to build for as long as we can.

We appreciate every semblance of help you can muster.

Our main goal is to help build the Enjin ecosystem and provide the best example of a Metaverse that could ever be imagined.

Introducing: Sirion’s Thunder

We are proud to give you a sneak peek of July’s Exclusive Asset of the MonthSirion’s Thunder.

Everyone that has joined the Collectors’ Suite before the 1st of July to get it!

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