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[yp_features title=”Video Games Network” description=”MyMetaverse is a social games network that brings multiple games and apps into an interconnected, unified entertainment experience through cross-platform communities, assets and resources.” description_size=”default” icon=”fas fa-dice-d6″]
[yp_features title=”Multiverse Enabled” description=”Persistent cross-platform characters, items, economies, and experiences are being designed to connect a wide variety of cryptocurrency video games and apps. MyMetaverse is the bridge that connects them all together through gameplay and tradecraft.” description_size=”default” icon=”fas fa-globe”]
[yp_features title=”The Metaverse” description=”The goal of MyMetaverse is to design a new form of digital life, one that can positively impact peoples’ real-lives—socially and economically—no matter what games or apps they choose to use.” description_size=”default” icon=”fas fa-shekel-sign”]
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