The Multiverse Minecraft Network

Now available to play through Minecraft at the server address, MyMeta is the first Minecraft network to offer players multiverse items that can be used in multiple games.

MyMeta features adrenaline-pumping minigames, intriguing quests, and an economy fueled real-world value.

Real value, real consequences – a true play-to-earn opportunity.

Get your multiverse items!

Your mission in MyMeta Minecraft, is to collect as many multiverse items as possible!

Step 1

Earn money by playing games, completing quests, and selling resources.

Step 2

Take your cash to the drop portal. You can teleport there by typing /warp hub in the chat.

Step 3

Activate a multiverse drop and watch the items land in your MyMeta wallet.

Now Available

These items are now available at the drop portal!

Unlocks When We Reach 500 players

These items will be added to the drop portal when we reach 500 players.

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