“MyMetaverse” Games Network

The MyMetaverse team is building a player-generated gaming network that includes MyMeta Minecraft, MyMeta Core, MyMeta Twitch, and MyMeta Discord.

Players will be able to trade infinite forms of real-world value through their platform of choice.

The real-world value that’s traded within the MyMetaverse ecosystem will always be powered by Enjin, running on the Ethereum blockchain.

The goal of MyMetaverse is to design a new form of digital life, one that can positively impact peoples’ real-lives—socially and economically—no matter what games or apps they choose to use.

Some core features of MyMetaverse will include:

  • Tokenized digital real estate, where players can create minigames, events, and experiences–and charge tokenized fees for access to them. Players will then be able to sell their real estate at any time.
  • Blockchain asset stores, where players can sell any and all of their Enjin-powered, Ethereum-based tokens.

“MyMeta Minecraft” Server

Now available to play through Minecraft at the server address mc.mymetaverse.io, the world’s first blockchain Minecraft network features adrenaline-pumping minigames, interesting quests, and centralized real estate.

Players can now link their Enjin wallet in order to use the blockchain assets they own in the server.

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