By Simon Kertonegoro
Announcing Our Upcoming Play & Earn Model
Announcing Our Upcoming Play & Earn Model

We are excited to finally unveil our groundbreaking fully-sustainable Play & Earn model for the MyMeta ecosystem!

Long story short: The coffers of the MyMetaverse player economy will soon be injected with 1kg of Carbon for EVERY 1kg of Carbon minted into an NFT.

Additionally, our community will be able to determine exactly which of our games the rewards can be earned through... by staking carbon into their favorite games.

Here’s how it’ll work:


The other great thing about this system is it will allow players to vote for their favorite games on our Network and the games with the most votes will receive more Play & Earn funding.

This will also motivate and incentivize game developers to produce more and more great, engaging content to launch on the MyMetaverse platform.

The best, most fun-to-play games will naturally attract a larger portion of MyMetaverse’s carbon economy, which will then flow directly to the players of those games.

Carbon Staking

Staking will be easy, you will be able to go to our Play & Earn page and choose which game you want to stake your unspent carbon into.

You can only choose one game, and all of your unspent Carbon will be staked into the game you choose.

You can of course still spend your carbon freely, which will automatically reduce the amount you have staked into your game of choice.

The total amount of carbon that all players stake in a game will define what percentage of the Carbon Fund it receives.


Earning Carbon

Value is added to each game’s Carbon Fund as NFTs are minted, and the games are able to distribute the Carbon to players in whatever way they see fit.

One game may allow players to earn Carbon by killing bosses, while others may send rewards based on seasonal leaderboards — really there are boundless ways that a game can choose to use its fund, and it has been designed this way so that developers can use their own creativity to provide the best experience possible to their playerbase.

Play & Earn is undoubtedly the future of gaming, and we believe this measured and deliberate approach we are taking will allow us to give value back to the community while maintaining a stable, growing economy.

We expect these Play & Earn features to launch next month and with our Carbon Economy fully realized, perpetual growth for those participating in our metaverse is not only achievable, but inevitable.


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