By Simon Kertonegoro
The Governors of MyMeta Minting Event Needs to be Postponed
The Governors of MyMeta Minting Event Needs to be Postponed

We regret to inform you that the Governors of MyMeta mint event needs to be postponed till we can iron out some kinks in our system.

As you can see, it's been a big week. 

We launched the world's first carbon-backed gaming economy, we got our Carbon purchasing gateway up and running, and we started minting the first Carbon Sink NFTs.

On top of that, we have also launched NFT withdrawals, so you can now move your NFTs to Enjin's JumpNet blockchain.

The Governors of MyMeta minting event needed all of this in place before we could launch it, but it also has one incredibly unique mechanic that also needs to work perfectly too.

The Most Epic Early-Bird Discount Ever


As you can see, the cost for each mint grows slowly at first and then price increases rapidly as people will start minting the later NFTs.

The problem is, with the current system we're testing, when two people put through a mint at exactly the same time, our system can show the both minters the old price and then charge the minter a whole new price–because of the price increase caused by the first minter.


This means that the second person's price can be more than they expected and there is nothing worse than getting charged more than expected... especially in the later stages of the mint event where the price will be increasing by thousands of dollars per mint.

So, for this to work smoothly, we need to develop an advanced queuing system to the minting process–and it needs to be able to handle a lot of transactions at once.

Once we develop this new system, when you press the "Mint Now" button, your mint price will be locked in and you'll be added to a "minting queue"


You will then be able to accept or decline the price:

  1. If you accept the price, the mint will happen once you reach #1 in the queue.
  2. If you decline the price, you will leave the queue and the price will decrease for the people lined up behind you.

This way everyone will get exactly what they expect.

We understand that everyone is very excited about this minting event and this is very disappointing for us as well, but we have to take the extra time to make sure this system works perfectly because:

  1. We want to make sure YOU have the best minting experience possible. No compromise.
  2. It may take a while for all of these tokens to be minted, and this system needs to work perfectly -- for every single mint.

That being said, our delay will be a short one, a week or two at most.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for both your patience and for joining us on this epic metaversal journey.

See you soon...

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