By Simon Kertonegoro
Governors of MyMeta NFT and MyMeta MMO will Launch April 5th
Governors of MyMeta NFT and MyMeta MMO will Launch April 5th

Good news, everyone!

Through sheer force of willpower, dedication to our community, and a heaping portion of stubbornness, we’ve worked out a way to guarantee the launch of the Governors of MyMeta NFTs on the 5th of April!!

As a Governor of MyMeta you will have both early access to - and governance rights over - our custom-built game MyMeta MMO, which will see the launch of its very first alpha development build on minting day!


To make this happen, we have decided to sell the first 1000 NFTs at a flat rate of $100.

This means every existing member of the community will have a chance to receive this epic early-bird discount.

This minting experience will be powered by our current minting panel that has been reliably minting MetaCitizen NFTs for a week now.


In true MyMetaverse style, we’ve decided to make the experience a bit more exciting with the addition of a spinning wheel/roulette style animation to the minting experience.

The wheel will show you some of Governors of MyMeta that are available for you to win, settling on the final one which will be yours to own forever!


Once Phase 1 of the sale is complete, Phase 2 will commence and the remaining 20,109 Governors of MyMeta NFTs will be made available.

The minting price of Phase 2 will start from $150 and increase by 0.035% with each mint.

The final Governors of MyMeta NFT will be sold at $170,621, a price that will reflect the ever-expanding utility we attach to the tokens, with governance rights and other incredible benefits spanning across our growing metaverse — and beyond.


Launching MyMeta MMO

We have finalized and tested the first iteration of our MyMetaverse Game Launcher!

Initially, this game launcher will just be used to download and update MyMeta MMO but there is huge potential for us to make it available for other Enjin and Efinity-powered games as well!

Here’s just a small sampling of some of the features you will be able to experience when MyMeta MMO hits closed alpha on April 5th:

Instant Linking

We have invented a concept called instant linking.

This allows players to jump into the game, log in via MyMetaverse, which automatically links the game to MyMetaverse and allows the game to read MyMetaverse's NFT data, which is delivered via the Enjin Platform.

This means you only ever have to link your Enjin wallet to MyMetaverse once and from there you can link your NFT wallet to infinite games with a single click.

This service will eventually be available to all games who choose to adopt Enjin and Efinity via MyMetaverse.

Play As The Formless MetaBeing

MyMeta MMO will eventually have many species of MetaBeings that you will be able to cross-breed to create new unique character NFTs.


However, initially you will only be able to play as our free-to-play species known as "The Formless".

Travel Between Worlds

The initial launch of MyMeta MMO will include two worlds that you can travel between freely.

  • Isle of Awakening: A private island where you can build a life with no bounds
  • Wrecked Elvendale: An open world where you can meet new friends, go on quests, gather resources, fight monsters, and explore.

Build a Digital World

A major focus of MyMeta MMO is enabling you to unlock and embrace your own creativity through world building.

During our alpha phase, you will be able to build your own home, a base of operations, an abstract art installation, or whatever you can dream up in your very own private island paradise. When we release our Real Estate NFTs, you will then be able to build out in the open world, alongside your friends — and foes.

Over the years, we will keep adding incredible metaverse features that will allow you to build robust online businesses directly on your land plots and create incredible experiences of your own.

Go Fishing, Farming, and Mining

Of course, It wouldn't be an MMO without woodcutting, fishing, mining, and other forms of gathering!

You will be able to use materials found in the open world to craft items and build your dream home in the metaverse!

Meet New People and Build a Community

Community is everything, but you need to be able to hang out and chat freely.

We've done our best to create an experience that fosters friendship and we hope to see tons of meaningful new relationships being formed in MyMeta MMO over the coming years!


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