By Simon Kertonegoro
MyMetaverse Will Integrate Any 1000+ Supply Collection into its Games for Only $20 per NFT
MyMetaverse Will Integrate Any 1000+ Supply Collection into its Games for Only $20 per NFT

In 2021, over $17 billion worth of NFTs traded hands.

Absolutely massive.

And although the market goes through waves, it’s clear that the industry itself is constantly growing.

After this latest boom, many NFT projects have been bolstered by a large amount of funding, have built a sizable community…but are struggling to create utility for their tokens.

At MyMetaverse, we’ve been building our platform of interconnected gaming experiences for over four years now.

We’ve been building in tandem with our players, gathering invaluable feedback and insight while adding compounding NFT utility to all of our games.

Our foundation is now immutable - strong as diamond, and ready to offer exponential utility to the entire Metaverse as we scale towards infinity.

Our games themselves are in a state of constant evolution, and are being improved upon every day — but they are all LIVE NOW and ready to collaborate with web3 projects that might be looking to expand on the value proposition offered by their NFTs.

We currently have the following games available in our network, known as the Infinity Multiverse - with each title offering exciting, varied, and ever-expanding NFT utility to potential adopters:

  • Infinity Realms (a completely original survival MMO)
  • Infinity Auto (an action-packed Grand Theft Auto 5 server)
  • Survival Infinity (a fun and rewarding Minecraft server)

Again, these games and servers are all LIVE and free to play.

We understand there are thousands of NFT projects that have raised millions of dollars on the expectation that they would use the funds to build gaming experiences.

If you’re involved with one of those projects, awesome!

You should continue to do develop your games, but in the meantime… why make your community wait for utility?

Collaborate with us now to add immediate utility to your NFTs, then when you finish developing your game, your NFTs will be usable in multiple games instead of one!

That’s part of the magic of blockchain and the metaverse.

You create the IP, we create the games… then we can collaborate in infinitely creative ways that benefit everyone involved.

We believe this innovative new format for on-chain partnerships and collaborations will be the most effective method for brands to carve out and solidify their place in the metaverse.

The future is cross-project collaboration and we’ve developed our platform with this in mind, so that we can empower those who embrace this new value-filled digital reality.

Just imagine the possibilities — ANY brand can mint an NFT, then turn around and have it meaningfully integrated into any game that is willing to partner up.

The brand retains full control over its IP and full ownership over its digital asset, while the game developers can do what they do best: create incredible experiences for their players to enjoy.

It truly opens up a powerful avenue for instant engagement, value generation, and unshakable community loyalty and growth.

Are you involved with an established web3 project and looking for the opportunity to infuse instant utility into your NFTs?

We’re here to help you unlock the full power of the metaverse, contact us to get started.


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