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The MetaCitizen NFT Customizer is Live!
The MetaCitizen NFT Customizer is Live!

At MyMetaverse, we are devoted to creating endless opportunities for creators and entrepreneurs to mint, trade, and collect valuable items through virtual worlds. This is increasingly important as the service and production economy sees more and more automation from bots and machines. By helping to provide these opportunities, MyMetaverse is creating a new paradigm of e-commerce that offers more rewarding digital experiences that can even positively impact our real lives!


To clarify right off the bat, MetaCitizen is not an identity token because we believe privacy and personal security is a fundamental human right! Instead, let’s think of MetaCitizen as a unique profile, pseudonym, or even a character. Just like in any video game that enables you to customize your main character, it can represent you directly, indirectly, or not at all. 

We are building a multi-game ecosystem that seamlessly comes together as one community. That is why MetaCitizen is important within MyMetaverse. Once you purchase a MetaCitizen, you can then go to your wallet, click into your MetaCitizen token, and reserve your unique MetaCitizen Name. If you decide to own multiple MetaCitizen Tokens, you will be able to choose which one will be your active MetaCitizen profile and show as your username in all official MyMetaverse games; starting with MetaCity: Minecraft!

Part of the pseudonymity aspect is that MetaCitizen tokens are fully tradable! A player can reserve a name, sell it to another player, and it will then become the new player’s name. However, any fraudulent or toxic activity as deemed by MyMetaverse staff will get that player’s MetaCitizen profile, MyMetaverse account, and game account blacklisted from our platforms. 

  • A MetaCitizen profile page where players can easily showcase their assets and achievements with one another. After all, what is the point of having a collection if you can’t proudly display it or brag shamelessly to their friendly competition? Each MetaCitizen will be given their own URL so that they can easily share their profile with their friends. 
  • MetaCitizen Directory, where players can search for other people to collaborate with or, perhaps, compete.
  • MetaCitizen will become an upgradeable token that tracks your progress across multiple games. MetaCitizen will also gain achievements allowing it to level up over time automatically.
  • Looking to make your mark on NFTs before you sell them? You will also be able to autograph NFTs with your MetaCitizen token. This will allow future owners of the NFT to see the history of previous owners.
  • When minting tokens with MyMetaverse’s minting panel, a creator stamp from your MetaCitizen will permanently embed onto the token you have created.
  • The NFT levelling system are coming! Here’s a sneak peek at what your MetaCitizen will look like as it levels up.

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