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Meta City Welcomes You Home!
Meta City Welcomes You Home!

Have you ever run countless chunks searching for that perfect oceanfront property? Or maybe the rolling dunes of the desert calls your name like a siren song? How about nestling yourself down and making yourself at home in an already pre-established village? After all, there is nothing quite like getting a pumpkin pie as a housewarming gift from your new neighbors or getting eyed up by one of their guardians. Now, what if I told you that there was a new type of real estate that you could plant roots in and call home?

We welcome you to MetaCity! Where we are making it our mission to show the world how NFTs can integrate into the tried and true free-to-play gaming experience. I know for myself and many others when it comes to Minecraft, there is nothing more satisfying than building your farmstead, impenetrable castle, or flourishing townships and showing it off for the whole world to see! This is why we are using NFT real estate to pay homage to what Mojang has built by allowing our players to enjoy a free experience creating a realistic digital life that they can own forever.


Test your might in the First Blood Arenas! Hordes of monsters and demons are amassing their forces and preparing for an all-out war with the denizens of MetaCity. We must strike first and weaken their alliances while we can! Can you feel it? That electric tingle in your blood as it surges through your veins. Will you answer the call?

If you choose to fight on behalf of MetaCity, you will not walk away without a reward. With every wave of abominations you defeat, you will be awarded Capital Coins. Once you have filled your coffers with enough Capital Coins, you will be able to claim a unique plot of land to call your own.

MetaCity only has 70 NFT Real Estate plots available so keep that in mind as you search for the perfect place to call home. However, there will be new worlds with more land opening in the near future. Now that you have searched through the available NFT real estate plots and have found the one you want to rest your head in, you will need to purchase it. This is done by entering the plot and typing /property buy into the chat.

Once you have accomplished all of this, the deed to your plot, known as a Real Estate Token, will be transferred to your wallet, and you will be able to start building on your new land!  


MetaCity will be an ever-evolving landscape with plans spanning far off into the future. More immediately, we have plans to add more arenas and a survival world where you can chart your own territory and create NFT land plots that are big enough to become townships or even bustling cities!

Thank you for always sticking with us and giving us your invaluable feedback as we work hard to build something that will make the Minecraft community and the NFT community proud!

We know we have years of hard work ahead of us, and we are ready and able to keep up that grind; we hope to see you all standing by our sides when this is done.


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