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MyMeta Manifesto: Creators of the Metaverse
MyMeta Manifesto: Creators of the Metaverse

For the uninitiated, the race for the metaverse is on and crucial; crucial to the future of gaming, to the health of many professions, but most crucial of all, is who owns it. The metaverse will be a global, free space in which your identity persists and can traverse gaming worlds in ways previously impossible. But, with the advent of this remarkable change, come other boons equally as important, most notably of which is the future of the creator. The metaverse fizzes with the potential to be not only a home for creators, but a facilitator of financially viable passions.

The internet is undoubtedly the most important development for creators in the last one hundred years, but quite possibly the most important in history. It has enabled artists, musicians, presenters, developers, and creatives to carve themselves out a slice of the most desirable of pies. It has given rise to careers that were once laughable. “Who would want to watch you play a videogame?” I can hear that echo around households in just the last few decades. And yet, there is a small army of millionaires whose wealth is built off the back of just that premise.

This is only the start and a whole universe of opportunity awaits creators of all descriptions and creeds. What must be in place to facilitate this future, however, is the right builders of the metaverse; developers who care about freedom, privacy, and transparency, rather than power, control, and personal gain. MyMetaverse will be that, but we need you, and we truly believe, you need us too.

The Manifesto

The prompt for this article is twofold: the first is informational, insofar as we want the world to know our aspirations and values, and why we are the right people to build this future. The second is accountability. In an age where many of the top developers double back on promises and wriggle loose from commitments, we want to lay down our mission for all to see. This way we not only remain transparent, but our community can keep us true to our words.

Our Vision

Our love for gaming is the beating heart of MyMetaverse, but our vision is so much further. The metaverse is likely the best opportunity of our lifetime to make a substantial difference to the world. We are looking to tear down the barriers prohibiting society from a green future and a free market; the metaverse will play an integral role in both going forward.

While the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has paved the way to a free, open market, its fetal stages have been plagued with one of the most profound and dangerous problems humanity currently faces environmental impact. As we fight that war on all fronts, we simply cannot afford to add another environmentally destructive string to an already devastating bow. This is why we at MyMetaverse are committed to the metaverse being carbon negative, rather than merely shirking responsibility and aiming for neutrality. That is why we will be actively making the world greener by keeping our footprint small and purchasing Carbon Credits that equate to far more carbon than we create.

Our Values

Our vision for MyMetaverse and the future ought to give you an indication of what our values are, and indeed, the first of our three core principles are intuitive given our vision: Think huge. This opportunity to build the metaverse is a singular moment and one we have no interest in squandering with simple and safe steps. We want our innovations to scale multiple games, apps, and industries, touching the lives of people the world over.

Our second value is an important counterweight to such wild ambition: Be honest. Such a fundamental principle ought to go without saying, but sadly it cannot. Any team building anything must remain honest, but one looking to build something as far-reaching and influential as the metaverse must ensure honesty underpins every decision and conversation. We must be honest with our community, our colleagues, and often the most challenging of all, ourselves.

Our third value is at the center of how we work: Seek negative feedback. In a world where unsolicited, anonymous criticism is rife, you could be forgiven for not seeking out more. However, it is negative feedback that is rich with information; information that can help us optimize our work, ourselves, and aid us in the creation of a booming and sustainable metaverse.

Our Goals

With the groundwork laid, now it’s time to lay out what exactly we are looking to achieve. MyMetaverse starts with gaming, but games will be merely one cog in an all-encompassing wheel. We envision an interconnected digital experience, where your friends, items, and currencies can stay with you, wherever you choose to go. We are building a new, holistic, digital future. We believe that a number of the problems MyMetaverse can solve will be life-changing for many people, offering opportunities previously impossible or highly improbable.

We will help artists of all descriptions earn a living wage by enabling them to mint high-value NFTs that collectors can hang in digital worlds throughout an interconnected metaverse. We will help musicians gain unprecedented exposure for their music through games and apps, and give them the tools to create strong and lasting relationships with their listeners through directly distributed, music NFTs. Video creators will be able to share their content across the digital world too, allowing audiences to congregate and watch them together. We will give developers the ability to plug into a shared ecosystem where they stand equal to everybody else, including the very people who created it.

Finally, to the players: we will give you a depth of experience unquantifiable and unthinkable until blockchain. You will have access to new forms of value through a truly collaborative economy, where you can have fun, profit, and improve the world around you.

The digital futures previously locked in the collective minds of science fiction disciples have been freed and it stands ahead of us, rumbling with potential. As Marie Lu said, “everything is science fiction until someone makes it science fact.” MyMetaverse looks forward to meeting you.


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