By Simon Kertonegoro
MyMeta MMO will Launch in Closed-Alpha on the 31st of March
MyMeta MMO will Launch in Closed-Alpha on the 31st of March

It blows my mind that we’ve been building out MyMetaverse for nearly 4 years now.

After some work developing our initial tech stack, we launched the world’s first blockchain Minecraft Network. Now, we are ready to launch the world’s first 3D sci-fi blockchain MMO, and our team couldn’t be more excited to usher in this new vision of the metaverse.

Once we complete our roadmap, MyMeta MMO will have the metaverse features of Decentraland, the MMORPG features of World of Warcraft, and the play-to-earn features of Axie Infinity — all rolled into a unique, ever-evolving multiverse of infinite worlds and possibilities.

This game is the sleeping giant of the blockchain games world — but there is still a lot work to be done.

We’ve gotten to where we are today with no presales and no external funding. Passion has been our fuel, and now we’re officially ready to launch the closed-alpha of MyMeta MMO on the 31st of March!

It’s an incredibly proud day for all of us.

“Season 0: Chaos” for Governance NFT Holders

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When we post our very first closed-alpha build, all Governance NFT Holders will have instant access to play the world’s first blockchain-powered sci-fi MMORPG. Simply log on to the game and it will check your wallet to validate your Governance NFT, then you’re on your way!

MyMeta MMO will eventually be released as a free-to-play game that anybody and everybody can join without paying a cent.

When we unlock the game for all to play, we will continue to open up new worlds that only Governance NFT holders will be able to access for a time.

Every step of the way, the Governors of MyMeta will have early access to each new world, so they can give us feedback and help shape these experiences before we then finalize and release them to all players.

Our Governance NFT will go on sale in the last week of this month, just days before the launch of MyMeta MMO.


We are absolutely obsessed with creating the best experiences possible, however, we also do not want to develop our game in a vacuum.

We need to ship our closed-alpha and start gathering feedback, so that we can keep optimizing the entire experience over the coming years, hand-in-hand with our community.

Far from our end-goal, here’s a list of some of the features you will be able to experience when MyMeta MMO hits closed alpha:

Instant Linking

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We have invented a concept called instant linking.

This allows players to jump into the game, log in via MyMetaverse, which automatically links the game to MyMetaverse and allows the game to read MyMetaverse's NFT data, which is delivered via the Enjin Platform.

This means you only ever have to link your Enjin wallet to MyMetaverse once and from there you can link your NFT wallet to infinite games with a single click.

This service will eventually be available to all games who choose to adopt Enjin and Efinity via MyMetaverse.

Play As The Formless MetaBeing

MyMeta MMO will eventually have many species of MetaBeings that you will be able to cross-breed to create new unique character NFTs.


However, initially you will only be able to play as our free-to-play species known as "The Formless".

Travel Between Worlds

The initial launch of MyMeta MMO will include two worlds that you can travel between freely.

  • Isle of Awakening: A private island where you can build a life with no bounds
  • Wrecked Elvendale: An open world where you can meet new friends, go on quests, gather resources, fight monsters, and explore.

Build a Digital World

A major focus of MyMeta MMO is enabling you to unlock and embrace your own creativity through world building.

During our alpha phase, you will be able to build your own home, a base of operations, an abstract art installation, or whatever you can dream up in your very own private island paradise. When we release our Real Estate NFTs, you will then be able to build out in the open world, alongside your friends — and foes.

Over the years, we will keep adding incredible metaverse features that will allow you to build robust online businesses directly on your land plots and create incredible experiences of your own.

Go Fishing, Farming, and Mining

Of course, It wouldn't be an MMO without woodcutting, fishing, mining, and other forms of gathering!

You will be able to use materials found in the open world to craft items and build your dream home in the metaverse!

Meet New People and Build a Community

Community is everything, but you need to be able to hang out and chat freely.

We've done our best to create an experience that fosters friendship and we hope to see tons of meaningful new relationships being formed in MyMeta MMO over the coming years!

When Open Alpha?

The core game mechanics are in place, there is a few weeks worth of content already available and we have a multitude of features that can’t be found in any other live blockchain game.

Ultimately, we want to make sure we are putting our best foot forward and representing the MyMetaverse, Enjin, Efinity, and Polkadot communities to our fullest potential.

We want to attract mainstream gamers who come for the fun and stay for the community.

In order to release the best product possible, the Governors of MyMeta will also have a say in when we release the game to the general public.

We will be relying on them to provide us with constructive and actionable feedback, so we can continue to optimize the experience and turn it into a game that we, as a community, are all proud of — and never want to put down.

We look forward to meeting all of the Governors of MyMeta in the metaverse on the 31st of March!

Let’s build.


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