By Simon Kertonegoro
The Best AAA Game Studios Building Web3 Games in 2023
The Best AAA Game Studios Building Web3 Games in 2023

As the Web3 movement continues to charge forward, many AAA game studios are already trying to get ahead of this new wave in gaming. In the past few years, Web3 game development tools have hit the next level, with companies like Enjin, Altura, and MyMetaverse working hard to make adoption easier than ever, and this trend is only going to continue as more and more AAA game studios move into the space, some of whom are sure to release tools of their own.

Square Enix

One of the most iconic gaming studios in the world, Square Enix has been experimenting with Web3 for years. They invested in Sandbox, and purchased their own Real Estate parcel back in 2020. The company recently sold some incredibly valuable IP (Tomb Raider, Deus Ex) to fund further Web3 development. They even released a physical collectible, backed by an NFT from their most popular franchise, Final Fantasy 7. To top it all off, the company's President, Yosuke Matsuda, reiterated their commitment to adopting Web3 technologies in his latest new years letter.


One of the biggest names in gaming is Ubisoft, who have been making blockbuster games since 1986. They recently announced their plans to create web3 games by partnering with blockchain startup Ultra. Ubisoft has also made investments into Web3 firms such as Horizon Games, White Star Capital, and Cross the Ages. The studio also launched its own NFTs for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Interactive is one of the most influential companies in gaming. They own Rockstar Games—the developer behind Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2—as well as 2K Games—the developer behind NBA2K20 and BioShock Infinite. Take-Two has already made several investments into blockchain startups like Horizon Games, and it looks like they’re gearing up to launch their own blockchain-powered titles soon as well.


With so many big names entering the space, it looks like 2023 could be a banner year for AAA Web3 gaming. These companies have years of experience developing blockbuster titles, so we can expect them to bring all of that expertise to bear when creating Web3 experiences for players, looking to gain more value from their playtime. At this point, it's clear to see that any studio that is not at least researching blockchain technology is sure to be left in the dust by the close of this year.


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