By Simon Kertonegoro
The Future of NFTs: Products that Real Gamers Love and Collect!
The Future of NFTs: Products that Real Gamers Love and Collect!

The potential for NFTs to create a greater emotional impact on gamers cannot be understated. In the past, gamers have bought products that help them express themselves as they play, such as custom skins, pets, or wearables. These items make them stand out amongst their peers, and allow them to become more identified with the games they are playing. The introduction of provable rarity and free-market commerce will only help to scale the emotional impact of these digital products they know and love.

The “PFP” movement showed us that identities and reputations are a great way to galvanize communities on social platforms like Twitter and Discord. This concept is set to migrate into 3D worlds, like video games, virtual reality, or augmented reality experiences—and that’s where we will see an even greater emotional impact for gamers around the world. With 3 billion gamers worldwide, there is a massive opportunity here for both developers and gamers alike to take advantage of this new technology and create something truly special together.

What You Should Look for in Mainstream-Ready NFTs

When discussing mainstream-ready Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), there are several key characteristics that should be looked for in order to determine whether or not an NFT is ready for mass adoption. NFTs need to have features that are user-friendly and accessible, as well as a clear purpose and function within games players love.

The first thing that should be considered when looking at potential mainstream-ready NFTs is experience. Will players enjoy using this  NFT on a day-to-day basis? Mainstream-ready NFTs should have an intuitive design and user interface, allowing new users to easily understand how the product works without having prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This includes features such as simple registration processes, helpful tutorials for basic operations, and easy methods for trading or transferring ownership of the token. It’s also important for these platforms to have good customer service options available in case any issues arise during use, as this will help make sure new users feel secure in using the product.

The next most important thing is scalability, the game and its underlying technology need to be able to support large numbers of users and transactions simultaneously while still maintaining performance standards. It should also be able to handle a large volume of data storage and processing requirements, which will depend on the specific use case of the token. 

Finally, it’s essential for mainstream-ready NFTs to have a positive emotional impact on the player. These tokens need to offer some kind of tangible, sentimental value that makes them attractive purchases in their own right; they cannot simply exist as speculative assets with no underlying value beyond speculation itself. Ultimately, any potential mainstream-ready NFT must have an identifiable benefit that goes beyond its status as a collectible token if it is going to successfully gain traction among consumers seeking something more than just speculation opportunities.

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize many industries and change the way we interact with digital assets. Today, the key to effective collecting of NFTs lies in finding those that are ready for mainstream use. Look for NFTs that are easy to use and accessible, secure and reliable, aesthetic, interoperable and scalable. Good luck on your hunt for great, utility-first projects.


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