By Simon Kertonegoro
Unlocking Lifetime Premium Membership: The Governors NFT on Artefact.Network
Unlocking Lifetime Premium Membership: The Governors NFT on Artefact.Network

Parallel Planes, the creators of MyMetaverse and now Artefact.Network is shaking up the NFT space once again. The Governors NFT, with its unique tokenomics, offers an exclusive opportunity for NFT enthusiasts. In this blog post, we explore the benefits and features of this extraordinary NFT and how it provides lifetime premium membership on Artefact.Network.

Unveiling the Tokenomics

The Governors NFT is no ordinary collectible. Its tokenomics are ingeniously designed to ensure its value skyrockets before all 21,000 units can be minted. With an ambitious target of over $180,000 per NFT, lucky owners can expect substantial returns. But the perks don't stop there. Owning the Governors NFT grants a permanent pass to the coveted Premium Artefact.Network plan, saving its fortunate owner an impressive $99 per month or $1,188 per year.

Artefact.Network: The Rewards & Drops Platform

Artefact.Network is a one-of-a-kind platform catering to mainstream games, entertainment, retail, and hospitality industries. It empowers creators and businesses to breathe life into their NFTs by providing them with physical utility. Seamlessly integrating NFTs into games and apps, Artefact.Network creates an immersive experience for users. It goes beyond the typical NFT marketplace by fostering thriving communities around NFTs, offering features like NFT-powered music streaming (think NFT-Spotify) and video content (imagine NFT-YouTube).

Diverse and Innovative Drop Types

Artefact.Network takes NFT drops to a whole new level with its diverse and innovative range of drop types. From Free Drops that let users get a taste of the excitement to Code-Gated Drops that unlock exclusive content, the possibilities are endless. NFT-Gated Drops, Crypto-Gated Drops, Survey-Gated Drops, and Social-Media-Gated Drops offer exciting opportunities for engagement and participation. And let's not forget about NFT Paid Drops, where enthusiasts can access premium content in exchange for their prized NFTs.


The Governors NFT on Artefact.Network is a game-changer in the NFT space. Its unique tokenomics and lifetime premium membership provide exceptional value for collectors and enthusiasts. With Artefact.Network's cutting-edge features and diverse drop types, the platform is revolutionizing how NFTs are utilized and enjoyed. So, embrace the future of NFTs, unlock premium benefits, and join the Artefact.Network community today!


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