By Simon Kertonegoro
We’ve lost KeylaSentry but we can still help his family
We’ve lost KeylaSentry but we can still help his family

A couple of weeks ago my team and I were shocked to receive a message that our friend and teammate Daniel Fitzpatrick (KeylaSentry) had passed away.

He was in charge of Quality Assurance for our Minecraft Server and we were planning to grow together with dreams of building a company-wide QA department that he would lead.

Now we've lost a valued friend, one that we wish we could have had the privilege to meet in person. 

Losing Keyla made us realize how lonely it can be working from home and that we need to try harder to get to know each other. 

More voice calls, less text chat. More collaboration, less autonomy.

The moment we heard the news, it cut so deep that it’s impossible to unlearn the lesson it delivered. Virtual worlds can easily turn into islands of isolation, and we need to do everything in our power to stop that from happening.

Our project has lost a talented problem solver, a creative thinker, and a great game designer. In so many ways, our days are harder without Keyla – but what hurts us most of all is that we’ve lost a dear friend.

Keyla is survived by a daughter and son who are now forced to brave the world without their father.

His best friend has set up a charitable foundation where friends and family can donate, to show support for his children.

We have donated $3000 to try to help, we wish we could give more but that's more than our project earned over the last couple of months.

We would like to call on the MyMetaverse and greater Enjin community for support too.

We will never forget KeylaSentry. We've erected a statue to immortalize him on Swolesome’s NFT plot in Meta City. He will stand there watching over us, encouraging us to create a better metaverse... one that his kids deserve.

We are eternally grateful to his family for sharing his limited time with us and we will try to make him proud, knowing that he changed who we are and how we think, and those changes will proliferate into everything we build.


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