By Simon Kertonegoro
Welcome to Our New Website & Upgraded API
Welcome to Our New Website & Upgraded API

At MyMetaverse, our mission is to build the most mind-blowing NFT user experiences the world has ever seen. 

We want to show the world what NFTs can truly do.

Awe-inspiring utility, life-changing value, and mass-market application–these are our measures of success.

Our ecosystem has been explicitly designed with developers and creators in mind.

We dream of helping indie devs to build incredibly cool NFT utility into their games and apps.

We want artists, musicians, streamers, and YouTubers to be able to plug their undervalued content directly into NFTs, which are then automatically integrated into said games and apps. 

We have huge goals that span across many markets, we're also trying to serve all different segments of those markets. This is an incredible challenge and an even more incredible opportunity.

We have been frothing at the mouth like a bull in a cage, waiting for the gate to unlock. The latch just broke.

Our old website, backend infrastructure, and API have felt like quicksand, locking us in place for over a year. It has been a mammoth task to update it, but we've now broken free.

As you can see when you look at our new site, we're ready to launch into the future!

The Website

Once you take a second to click through our website, you’ll see that everything looks phenomenal and loads lightning fast. What you won’t see is the potential of what we can achieve with it.

We're using React.JS, Next.JS, and the Ant Design frameworks to ensure our website is infinitely scalable, easy to update, and able to support any NFT feature we can dream of. 

Once you dive deeper into the site, you may notice that we still need to add a few features from the old site. They're coming soon, don't worry.

We also have a huge list of mind-blowing user experiences coming, we plan to launch them over the next few months so stay tuned to this station.

The API and Backend

We're here to build online experiences that transcend digital worlds, reach into your real life and change it for the better.

Our API and backend will help us achieve this by powering the innovative NFT mechanics that flow through games and apps like torrents of value.

Our team is full of visionary designers and developers, which is why we’re supremely confident that we’ll attract millions of people to the MyMetaverse movement over the coming years. 

That’s why we’ve spent the last 6 months refactoring the foundation of our platform to prepare for the tsunami of NFT collectors that are coming into the market.

People are out there right now scouring the internet in search of solid, innovative projects that can create NFTs with real utility. We are exactly what they’re looking for.

Each feature of our API and segment in our backend now functions as a distinct microservice, all of which fit together to produce a scalable, upgradable backend infrastructure.

Rebuilding the API was the most arduous task we’ve ever had and thanks to all of that hard work, it can now support millions of daily active users out of the box. Once we start heading towards those limits, we will need to start optimizing specific parts of our infrastructure. Our new tech stack is built in a modular, compartmentalized way, so we will never have to rebuild the whole thing ever again.

All of this is to say that, development-wise, our most laborious work is behind us. From here, we can focus all of our energy on innovative features to stack on top of the infinitely scalable foundations we’ve built. 

This is where the fun begins.


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