Question: What delivers websites to 409 million people per month and can now be used to sell blockchain assets?


You can install it within minutes and there are over 50,000 plugins to play with to make your website perfect.

It can do pretty much anything – even sell Ethereum-based ERC-1155 tokens!

As someone who has always wanted to build things (but has never been a coder), WordPress’s ecosystem of plugins has kept me feeling like a kid in a candy store.

That’s why it’s such an honor to be able to contribute to the WordPress ecosystem, the Enjin ecosystem, and the Ethereum ecosystem all at the same time.

In my eyes, all three platforms are extremely important to the advancement of entrepreneurial freedom.

The Best User Experience Possible

Let our site be your demo.

As you can see, we are selling ERC-1155 tokens right now and the user-flow is incredibly intuitive.

Players simply add the item to their basket, create an account, provide an Ethereum address and pay.

Once their orders are processed, players automatically receive their assets within minutes.

This is the easiest way in the world to buy fungible AND non-fungible Ethereum tokens.

Get Nifty Basket!

As of right now, we’re making our WordPress/Enjin/Ethereum integration available to all!

It’s so simple to install. If you already have your Enjin subscription and your tokens ready, you’ll be up and running within minutes

Here’s a video that shows how anybody can start selling blockchain assets:

It’s important to note that you do need an Enjin subscription, so please make sure you’re aware of what that entails.

Once you’re ready, grab yourself a Nifty Basket license and you can start selling immediately!

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