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Usable in MyMeta Minecraft

This mighty staff throws orbs of pure Meta energy, exploding and causing splash damage to any who are unlucky enough to have invoked your rage!


In the heart of the City of Meta, deep below the foundation of the very first meta portal lies a secret laboratory. Built to further the development of inter-dimensional travel, the workshop, called Sirion’s Keep, is home to some of the darkest secrets of the multiverse. To ensure the safety of their horrific findings, the first Gods of Meta used this knowledge to generate an overpowered weapon would wreak devastation on anyone who faced its fury.

Those strong enough to wield this force would harness the explosive energy of the multiverse through an incredibly heavy crosier, that the Gods named “Sirion’s Thunder”. The resources needed to create these unstoppable weapons were exhausted during the production of the first 500 made. The Gods sent search parties across the multiverse to scour for materials to create more of the electro-charged scepters. One by one, they came back empty-handed. It was clear that there would only ever be 500 of Sirion’s Thunder.

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