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Aelene, Future Fire


15,000 Supply


Only 15,000 Supply

Historical Figure

As a young girl, Aelene was smart, quick-witted, and unwaveringly present in each and every moment. There was a captivating fire that seemed to dance within her eyes. Her mother, Lora, discovered Aelene’s gift with a bow and arrow when she was just 8 years old. The young prodigy seemed to be able to hit targets that weren’t even there yet as if she had the eye of a seer.

In her village, many winters passed where food was hard to come by, however, the townspeople knew they could find respite in the local tavern, where Aelene’s hunting skills always kept a hog on the spit. She quickly became known as Aelene, “Future Fire”. It was a name that would one day reverberate throughout the multiverse.

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