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Elrond, the Silent Storm


15,000 Supply


Only 15,000 Supply

Historical Figure

As a young boy, Elron was very quiet. He generally kept to himself and seemed to walk through life in a dream state. His mother, Lora, discovered Elrond’s affinity for books when he was only a few months old. He would pick up any pages he could find and sit in the corner of the tavern for hours without taking his eyes off the tattered pages.

As a teenager, a traveler gifted him a strange book called “The Storm” and told him that it would likely change the course of his life. Halfway through reading the thick manuscript, it suddenly caught fire, even though it was daytime and there was not an ember in sight. A patron of the tavern managed to extinguish the flames by dousing the pages with ale, an act that enraged Elrond beyond comprehension.

Elrond proceeded to hang the wet pages up in the basement of the tavern and continued to read the damp, musty paper as quickly as he could. From that day forth he became known as “Silent Storm”. A name that would one day reverberate throughout the multiverse.

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