What’s Going On?

It’s been a fun few months, we’ve worked super-hard to make the best quests and events for you guys to enjoy, but we’ve realized that creating quests and events is a lot of constant work that doesn’t provide you with a lasting experience.

We are already in the process of creating more blockchain assets, and integrating more multiverse items, but we know that’s not going to be enough to turn us into a prominent Minecraft server.

It seems to us that building, creating, and working together is the most rewarding part of Minecraft.

That’s why we have our sights set on something new.

We plan on tokenizing real estate so you can build great things and sell them on the open blockchain market.

We also want to give you the tools to create your own peer-to-peer blockchain stores, where you can sell any Enjin-backed token within Minecraft.

And last but not least, we want to give you everything you need to create and monetize your own minigames, events, and experiences within our server.

We’re building a completely customizable digital world where you can trade infinite forms of real-world value.

We’re designing a new form of digital life, one that (we hope) can positively impact your real-life—socially and economically.

We’re creating a Metaverse.

What to Expect

No feature will be removed we’re only adding more and thinking bigger.

The Hunters of Rio will still remain as part of the story within MyMetaverse.

The quests of Hunter HQ, Aman, and Urkhall will still remain, although they might move around a bit.

Our server will still feature the Siniath survival world that currently exists and we will continue to improve the gameplay around it.

You will continue to see more blockchain assets become available to use in our server.

And after a number of months, you will start to see tokenized real estate, peer-to-peer token stores, and player-created blockchain minigames start to surface.

In the meantime, all of our channels are changing over to match the new name.

The old website, the old server address will still remain up for the foreseeable future but feel free to start using the new server address as of today.

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